Stories By J.L. Heeren

“Even my own goddess is not a blessing,
but a duty. She is not ‘home’ either.”
— Navaeli, the Shadow Herald

“Few gods remain on the world of Rhimn, and the ones that do use special servants known as Heralds as pawns in the conflict between themselves. And not every Herald is happy with their role…”

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“I dream of fire, and ash falling like snow.”
— Meparik of the Frostbitten Court

“Unrest ripples the world of Rhimn as the feyrie courts prepare to resist the rule of the unjust Regent Elaina Ayowen. Trapped in the political imperatives of his role as a Herald, Meparik will have to balance his need for revolution with his desire to keep his friends safe from the hungry maw of open warfare.

But that’s easier said than done. The clock runs out on Navaeli’s deal with her goddess, allies come with the most unexpected emotional ties, and complacency has its price . . .”

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“Technically, I signed up for this.”
— Nathaniel Emersin

“Dead-broke and dead-set on paying off his student loans before he’s forty, Nathaniel Emersin signed up as a paid test subject for ReGene, a genetics company with a mysterious brain impant that they promise will be revolutionary.

But Nathaniel has one little secret that ReGene’s trial director didn’t screen for . . .

He’s also been hired to sabotage the trial.”

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“Oh, the Quorum is not going to like these selections at all.”
— High Counsellor Celix

“After the unresolved assassination of her mother, sweet but politically-savvy Princess Glissandrah Ayamarak — known better as Gliss — ascends to Galactic Empress earlier than she’d ever wanted to.

With her mother’s murderer still at large, Glissandrah turns to outsiders to protect her while she figures out just what game is being played in the Galactic Quorum. And it turns out that turning three hardened mercenaries into loyal royal bodyguards is harder than she first thought . . . but when anyone inside the Quorum could be after the crown, what other choice does she have?”

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