About “Winter Herald”

“I dream of fire, and ash falling like snow.”
— Meparik of the Frostbitten Court

Navaeli, Crislie, and Meparik had hoped that their troubles might be over after their harrowing ordeal in the World’s Wound.

The Irongardhe have lost their trail, Silamir is oath-bound to leave Navaeli alone for a few months, and Crislie and Navaeli are living in the bliss of a new relationship. It’s almost a happily-ever-after in a world as grim as Rhimn. All that’s left is to sever Navaeli’s connection to Silamir entirely, and then they’re free to decide how they want to live.

Unfortunately, the gods have other plans.

Unrest ripples the world of Rhimn. And as the feyrie courts prepare to resist the unjust rule of Irongardhe knights and their revered Herald-Regent, expectant eyes turn to Navaeli and Meparik. Their Heraldry, heretical to the Irongardhe, is a valuable asset to the generals of the resistance — and to any political machinations the generals harbor.

The clock runs out on Navaeli’s deal with her goddess, allies come with the most unexpected ties, and complacency has its price . . .

Genre: LGBTQ+ Dark Fantasy (Lesbian Romance Sideplot)
Age Category: Most suitable to Young Adult & New Adult audiences.
Content: Contains blood, death, and systemic wrongs. Features an intimate lesbian romance, but nothing explicit. Minimal cursing — mainly uses archaic and fantastical swears.
Series: The second book in the four-part Heralds of Rhimn series. Preceded by Shadow Herald. To be followed by Ember Warrior, Breathing Gods, and Starlit Prince.

Winter Herald is available as an ebook through Itch.io!

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