About “Shadow Herald”

“Even my own goddess is not a blessing, but a duty. She is not ‘home’ either.”
— Navaeli, the Shadow Herald

In the world of Rhimn, a Herald is a god’s highest servant, bound to carry out their god’s whims until the day of their death.

Raised from the grave and into lifelong servitude by Silamir, a goddess of death and rebirth long thought to have been dead herself, Navaeli the Shadow Herald has never known peace. The knights of the Irongardhe empire hunt her down on the orders of Regent Elaina, the Sunlit Herald whose god killed Silamir in the first place. Unfortunately for Navaeli, Silamir would rather fight her battles with her own two hands — even if she has to steal Navaeli’s body to do it.

Navaeli is resigned to her fate as either a corpse or a vessel for her vengeful goddess . . .

That is, until she winds up protected (and infuriatingly infatuated) by one Crislie Crimsworth, a handsome hooligan girl with a brawling addiction. As if Crislie wasn’t trouble enough, circumstances force her into an unofficial custody of Meparik, a mute feyrie child with more trust in glamour than kindness.

It turns out that there are some people who are worth staying alive for after all . . . But can Navaeli break free from the chains of her duty, or will she be the first casualty in the oncoming war between the gods?

Story Information

Genre: LGBTQ+ Dark Fantasy (Lesbian Romance Sideplot)
Age Category: Most suitable to Young Adult & New Adult audiences.
Content Warnings: Contains blood, implied death, and systemic wrongs. Features an intimate lesbian romance, but nothing more explicit than kissing and cuddling. Minimal cursing — mainly uses archaic and fantastical swears.
Series: The first book in the four-part Heralds of Rhimn series, to be followed by Frostbitten Prophet, Ember Warrior, and Breathing Gods.

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Shadow Herald is available as an ebook through Itch.io!

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