About “Ember Warrior”

A wolf was an animal. A human was an animal.
A feyrie was an animal. A god, an animal too, though few would admit it.
Things with teeth and things with love and things with grudges.

War has come for Rhimn. The unified feyrie courts strike back against the knights of the Irongardhe, casting the dark-winged shadow of Lady Death over Gadhi.

An unexpected heritage confronts Crislie as she fights on the frontlines. Meanwhile, her friends navigate the political intrigue of their Heraldry. As Meparik sets off on a diplomatic mission to convince the Ulluan Matrius to lend her aid, Navaeli parleys with the feyrie courts on behalf of General Morekai, hoping that he may hold the key to the cage of her Heraldry.

But allies may be more difficult to make than outright enemies. When Ullua is reluctant to make war with its neighbor, and the courtleaders and generals have agendas of their own, the situation might not be as straightforward as putting an ax through a foe . . .

And it’s far too easy for foes to pose as friends.

As the Ashen Army advances, the political imperatives of everyone’s roles threaten to devour them — but faltering could cost the lives and freedom of the fey of Rhimn.

Genre: LGBTQ+ Dark Fantasy (Lesbian Romance Sideplot)
Age Category: Most suitable to Young Adult & New Adult audiences.
Content: Contains blood, death, and systemic wrongs. Features an intimate lesbian romance, but nothing explicit. Minimal cursing — mainly uses archaic and fantastical swears.
Series: The third book in the Heralds of Rhimn series. Preceded by Shadow Herald and Winter Herald. To be followed by Breathing Gods, and Starlit Prince.

Ember Warrior will soon be available as an ebook through Itch.io!

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