July Updates & August Goals

New month, new goals! Or so we’d like to have, nice and neat each month. You’ll notice that this came out at an unusual time this month, and that’s due to Day Job Shenanigans. My day job went through a rough month again, as it did back in March, which means I didn’t get as much done for July as I wanted to.

I’m still chugging along how I can. I am, however… very tired. being tired doesn’t write novels though, so lets see what I did anyway.

• Added a little to Frostbitten Prophet, but not much.

• Sketched outlines for the out-of-blog articles, might crop it down to just one.

• Tinkered with Frostbitten Prophet‘s reformatting as far as I can without a finished manuscript.

• Added pieces to a variety of side-projects.

• No full cover for Ember Warrior has been created, but I have some tentative sketches on the backburner, and I’m okay with how they’re shaping up so far.

And for this coming August, I plan to do;

• Some work on Frostbitten Prophet.

• Nothing else in particular. I need some space to gather myself and figure out what to approach next. Come September, I need to make more specific goals and see where I can go with them.

If you’d like to support me as a creator, then you can do so by buying me a Ko-fi or by purchasing Shadow Herald. Thank you, and have a lovely, relaxing, productive month of your own!

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