What It Feels Like To Publish For The First Time

Since I just released Shadow Herald, I’ve been having a lot of emotions about the process, and I wanted to share them because I’ve heard some writers worry about whether the publishing process will devastate them — or leave them empty, not sure where to go next. And the answer is yes, a little bit. Anxiety is normal part of the process. But there’s more to it than that, starting with . . .

Fright. Will anyone like the book? Will anyone even look at it? Is it marketable enough? What if this project that you’ve poured your heart and your time into for so long just doesn’t pan out?

Grief. The book’s journey is at its end. Once it’s out in the world, you can’t take it back. You can’t change it any further. There’s no more editing, no more lore-tweaking, no more fiddling with the design of the spine. The book is what it is.

Relief. No more fiddling with the design of the spine? Yes! Thank the gods!

Hopeful. Perhaps someone will pick up the book and love it. Could it be someone’s favorite? Will someone else admire the filigree on the chapter titles? Will they crack a smile at same jokes you smiled at? Will they adore your characters, your settings, your story?

Thrilled. You can now call yourself a published author. It may not feel like a title you’ve earned yet, but trust me, you have. You’ve accomplished something that many folks only dream of in daring, fleeting moments.

Eager. And now you get to write a new book all over again, whether it’s a sequel or something else entirely. The cycle of creation continues on.

And that’s it for me being sentimental today. If you want to support me as a creator, you can buy me a Ko-fi or purchase Shadow Herald. Thank you, and have a lovely day!

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