Now Released: “Shadow Herald”!

After about a year of fumbling and figuring things out baby step by baby step, I’ve done it! Shadow Herald is now a real book that can be purchased and read.

I don’t expect massive sales or critical acclaim on this book. After all, I’m a microscopic fish in a vast and unforgiving sea. But I think I’ve learned a lot through the process and I’m much more confident moving forward with the next three books in this pet-project series of mine . . . and alongside them, some standalone stories with some actual market appeal.

If an LGBTQ+ dark fantasy with found family and lesbian romance interests you, then you can check out the first three chapters right here;

CH 1 TeaserCH 2 TeaserCH 3 Teaser

Or maybe recommend it to any fantasy-loving queer folks that you know. Why not? If it has your interest, the book itself can be found on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Rakuten Kobo!

Thank you all so much for supporting me, and have a lovely day!

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