April Update & May Goals

New month, new goals! I’ve begun to recover from the madness of March, and the goals I set for myself last month have now met their due;

Shadow Herald is now available for pre-order on Kobo Rakuten and Barnes & Noble!

• I’ve begun contacting reviewers. There may be some rough patches, given that this is my first time asking for reviews, but that just means that I’ll be that much more prepared the next time this needs to be done. As with everything else in the publishing process!

• The video ad idea hasn’t been scrapped, but it is definitely on the backburner right now. My video editing skills need a little work.

• I contributed several more chapters to Frostbitten Prophet, and then did some extra outlining and writing for the last two books in the series as well. If all goes well, Frostbitten Prophet may be ready for release sometime in 2022.

Because Shadow Herald’s release is coming up this month, my May goals are going to have to make concessions for my jitters and focus on this event. This coming month, I aim to;

• Continue contacting and working with reviewers.

• Advertise Shadow Herald. This means working on the video ad, but it also means finding other ways to put the story out there, such as creating a TV Tropes page for it, and continuing to highlight it on social media.

• Add more chapters in Frostbitten Prophet‘s current draft, or to my other projects!

If you’d like to support me as a creator, then you can do so by buying me a Ko-fi or by purchasing Shadow Herald. Thank you, and have a lovely, relaxing, productive month of your own!

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