January Update & February Goals

New month, new goals! Even though my December goals and accomplishments became a bit of a mess, January made up for it by going more smoothly. As of today, I’ve accomplished four-and-a-half out of the five goals I set for myself last month;

• Firstly, I’ve revised my long summary for Shadow Herald, my short summary, and the series summary as a whole. It wasn’t a drastic overhaul, but it helped emphasize the LGBTQ+ aspect of the narrative.

• Secondly, I completed another round of copy-editing thanks to my proof copies and a little dedication with a red pen. On the flip side, I haven’t yet hired an editor for the final proofread. I had a particular editor in mind that I was waiting to get in contact with, but they’re still out of contact, so I’m looking at other options now.

• Thirdly, since I haven’t had Shadow Herald proofread yet, I haven’t been able to overhaul the ebook and physical copies. But, I have been improving them however I can in the meanwhile. There’s some nice ornamentation and a better glossary now!

• Fourthly, I purchased all the ISBNs I’ll need for this publishing project and for all foreseeable ones after that.

• Lastly, I’ve created rough drafts for contacting the reviewers I’ve got my eye on and some blank templates created in case I see more reviewers I want to contact later.

• (And as a bonus, I’ve been experimenting with creating a video ad for Shadow Herald.)

Since January’s been so productive, I hope to carry this energy into February! There’s still a lot that needs to be done before Shadow Herald debuts in May and I don’t want to underestimate the amount of work I have ahead of me this time. So next month, I want to;

• Get Shadow Herald proofread, one way or another.

• Begin updating the ebook and physical copies in accordance with the final proofread.

• Fix Shadow Herald‘s data on GoodReads and all similar sites.

• Set up the new Amazon pre-order for May 20th.

• And finish a few more chapters in Frostbitten Prophet‘s current draft!

If you’d like to support me as a creator, then you can do so by buying me a Ko-fi. Thank you, and have a lovely, productive month of your own!

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