November Update & December Goals

Merry meet! I’ve been pretty busy since I last checked in, and a lot has happened since October, so lets get into the update. So far, I’ve accomplished three out of the four goals I set for myself last month;

Firstly, I got Shadow Herald entirely formatted and crafted a cover for it — one that I am very proud of, frankly.

Secondly, I managed to create some decent blurbs and summaries for Shadow Herald, and another for Frostbitten Prophet and the Heralds of Rhimn series as a while. I’m not quite as proud of these, but I can always revise them later and they’ll do their job well enough as they are.

I have also set solid release dates for Shadow Herald and have created a list of book bloggers to contact about it’s release. All I have to do is finish my email drafts and send them off. Crossing my fingers on that!

Sadly, I didn’t make my NaNo goal of completing Frostbitten Prophet‘s manuscript. There was just too much work to do in order to get Shadow Herald ready for it’s December publishing. But I still made progress on the manuscript, and I completed a few chapters that I’d previously been struggling with, so I’m not terribly disappointed with this outcome.

All in all, I’m happy with what I accomplished this November. And now that it’s December, it’s time to set new goals. Shadow Herald‘s so close to getting published! Before the end of this month, I want to;

• Officially release Shadow Herald via Amazon on the 12th (print) and the 19th (ebook). The ebook is already available for pre-order if you want to check it out!

• Complete five or more chapters of Frostbitten Prophet‘s first draft.

• Get a head start on Frostbitten Prophet‘s advertising, cover, and print format.

• Complete and release my book design portfolio and service.

If you’d like to support me as a creator, then you can do so by buying me a Ko-fi. Thank you, and have a lovely day!

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