Shadow Herald’s Cover Reveal!

After many weeks of experimenting, I’m proudly able to show off Shadow Herald’s official front cover, and a small part of the process I went through in making it;


I’m absolutely stunned that I was able to incorporate my stylized artistic flare into a cover like this. Over the next few days, I’m going to fix up the back cover and the spine too, and then the whole process will be done.

It’s so hard to put how it feels like to look at your own book cover as an author into words — ironic, yes, given that given that so much of my career path is predicated on the ability to describe experiences with words. There’s definitely a sense of pride to it. Especially since I’ve made this cover all by myself, with the correct size specifications and everything. But there’s also this sense that I’ve made a real, tangible thing that I should soon be able to hold in my own hands, and that comes with a giddiness of anticipation.

I plan on drawing the next three books in the Heralds of Rhimn series in this style and format too. Hopefully they look just as gorgeous as Shadow Herald does!

If you enjoy my writing — or my art — then you can support me during the publishing process by buying my book when it comes out, or by donating to my ko-fi page. Thank you, and have a lovely day!

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