I’m J.L. Heeren, a Midwestern book designer and author of LGBTQ+ genre fiction. I majored in creative writing and publishing at the University of Iowa, and have been exploring the world of self-publishing ever since graduation. I’m not only writing stories of my own, but trying to make self-publishing more accessible for other interested writers.

My favorite genres are fantasy, sci-fi, and cosmic horror, abundant LGBTQ+ representation is my jam, and I’m a sucker for new takes on the Fair Folk.

Have a professional inquiry, or want to chat with me about my work? Contact me at jordanlheeren@gmail.com.

Paying Back Your Student Loans

I am not a finance blog, but (I have experience in paying off these damn loans and I might as well pass it on to the youngins who could benefit from this.) Firstly, go through the work to make your own long-term plan for payment. The plans offered by loan servicers are extraordinarily underwhelming if…

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Major Update: September Edition

First order of business; I’m not dead! I know that the silence during August was not reassuring, but I needed a little time to do some reflecting and decide where to go next. So this is going to be different from my typical monthly goalsetting, in that I don’t have goals to set for this…

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July Updates & August Goals

New month, new goals! Or so we’d like to have, nice and neat each month. You’ll notice that this came out at an unusual time this month, and that’s due to Day Job Shenanigans. My day job went through a rough month again, as it did back in March, which means I didn’t get as…

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Ebooks VS Print: What’s The Difference?

A book is a book, some might say, but no two books have the same design considerations — and that goes for the same book when designed for different mediums! A book that will be laid out in ink and slotted on a shelf will not have the same design considerations as one stored on…

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Redemption Arcs: Atonement Over Punishment?

So, you’ve picked out a promising character for a redemption arc and you’re excited to explore their emotional journey. Doing their story justice is of the utmost importance to you… but how do you do it “right?” How do you make the audience want it as much as you do? Since you’re on the internet…

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Redemption Arcs: What Makes A Character “Redeemable”?

Redemption arcs are both much-beloved and much-reviled narrative arc. Audiences like rooting for people who actively try to do good in the world! This applies to protagonists who seem naturally inclined to virtue, but it applies just as strongly to characters with a spotty past, who struggle through their vices to improve anyway — because…

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